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It wasn’t supposed to be this way. And I definitely didn’t expect it to be emotional.

Some people dread going to the gym. Not me.

The gym has always been my sanctuary. It’s where I go to work out my frustrations on the weights while I build muscle. Where I work through the things weighing on my mind while strengthening my heart with cardio.

The gym is my people. When I moved to Chicago without knowing anyone, I made friends at the gym. When I moved back to Indiana, I made friends at the gym there. …

Layered can — and should — be fitted. christina-wocintechchat, unsplash

When I was a little girl at summer camp, we learned a song that went, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” We even stuck our thumbs in the air and waved them around like lighters at a Phish concert.

And why not? “Let it shine” applies to so many things in life: talent, the sun, and your beautiful self. So the next time you get ready for work, I want you to think of this — even sing it, if need be — and quit hiding your body.

Specifically, consider why you might carefully construct a…

You might be startled to realize that the people around you can usually guess your mood, even if you don’t say a word.

That’s because what you wear acts as a billboard for how you’re feeling. And even further, what you wear changes how you feel: You *can* dress better to feel better. It’s scientifically proven.

It’s also logical. Think about the last time you were feeling down in the dumps. Did you “hide” behind an oversized hoodie or sweat pants? When you feel insecure, do you avoid bright colors and patterns and stick to basic black?

Your outfit may…

Read, rest and remember or look forward to exploring lands so beautiful and bizarre as to seem unreal.

Moon over Arches. Photo by the author.

The exotic landscapes of Utah’s grand national parks have merited comparisons to ancient times and other worlds. Soaring red spires, deep crimson caverns and peculiar geology all light fire to visitors’ imaginations and reveal the quirky, dynamic magic of Mother Nature.

When you cross into Utah on Interstate 70 from Colorado, all signs of civilization end, save for the occasional lonely fence stretching out into infinity. Vast expanses of short golden grass with a smattering of desert shrubs give way to layers of light beige sandstone bluffs cast in shadowed hues of pale purple and blue. These are the Book…

“Middle-aged woman notices her wrinkles, has a meltdown, then learns to love them” might be the oldest trope in the world. But it’s nonetheless a real crisis of varying degrees to peek at your window on Zoom and notice that the visage staring back at you looks nothing like the face you’re used to speaking from.

And in the age of coronavirus, it seems as if we’re all coming face-to-face with our true-but-a-bit-wonky images in video chats. Some of the shock is due to the fact that video cameras can distort your appearance, in the same way that voice mail…

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Why are sale and clearance racks SO compelling? They’re like the sirens to Ulysses, calling me to come take a peek. Just a quick little look to see what’s new, because I might find JUST THE THING to change my life–and at 70 percent off, no less! What budget? What schedule? It’s as if I’m a heat-seeking missile, and cheap clothes are the sun. Or it was, until I started shopping with intention.

What is this way of clothes shopping, you might ask? Well, it’s like this: Before I impulsively plunk down $3 for a new cardigan (because it was…

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Anyone who’s watched Mean Girls–or been to middle school–knows the power of a few choice words. Oof. They can be brutal, friends, and the wounds they inflict can last a lifetime.

But the beauty of this power is that you don’t have to simply accept the adjectives that have been assigned to you. It’s not a one-way street! You can rewrite those words that people use to describe you–and that you use to describe yourself. You can get a second chance at making an impression, and your personal style plays a big role.

So let’s commence with a whole lotta…

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My travel routines have long been the stuff of legend and ridicule. Mostly ridicule. But they seem almost sane during a pandemic.

Disclaimer right from the start: I cannot promise to protect you from the coronavirus.

But after getting sick on several trips, as well as traveling to some truly dangerous parts of the world, I’ve developed a routine that leaves most viruses and bacteria quaking in their microscopic boots.

If you still plan to (or need to) travel during this time of uncertainty, there are steps you can take to minimize your contact with germs. And not a single one of them involves a mask.

Take a flat pack of disinfecting wipes. Depending on the length of my stay or the…

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Welcome to early spring 2020! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all of us who love fresh starts. Amid all the new year, new you suggestions, we’re bringing you clear instruction for getting a handle on the place that can sometimes make or break your day. That’s right, we’re talking closet organization. This is your chance to Do. Something. About. It. Don’t worry too much — we’re right here, holding your hand. (Virtually, of course.)

Even better, our step-by-step guide to closet organization in today’s blog is going to naturally lead you to wardrobe evaluation, our topic…

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  • Altering and repairing clothes instead of just getting rid of them is definitely key to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Additionally, it can save you money and is generally a more responsible choice than throwing out clothes and buying new and cheap from department stores. Often clothes will come back into style after a few years, and you can wear them again with some repairs or adjustments and still feel trendy.
  • Really, if you want to look your best in your clothes, you should have a professional alter them for you. …

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